Introducing Anne rogers

Principal of The Chesapeake Consultancy

Working with you to find and forge your own path
– and stay on it!

Succession Planning

Chesapeake works with you, to create and implement a specific succession plan, for an exit which is perfectly timed and on your terms.

Progress Coaching

Everyone and everything must progress, yet often in business a “roadblock”- even a tiny one, provides a reason to skid to a halt with an excuse to mark time, and even slip backwards.

Succession Planning is every bit as important as a Financial or Marketing Plan

The Chesapeake Consultancy was established by its Principal, Anne Rogers, to assist and guide professional owners of small and medium sized businesses towards a successful exit.

Do you have a plan?

Can you execute your plan?

Has your plan been reviewed?

Have you sought professional advice?

Progress Planning

Have you reached a “fork in the road” or a “road block”?

Both of these – large or small – are common in small business, and provide a busy owner with a ready excuse to screech to a halt and put the matter at hand aside, along with progress in your business.

Yet progress; however slow, must never be side-lined.

This is when a Progress Coach is exactly what you need to help you make the right turn in the road, or push that road block aside and forge ahead.

Conferences & Workshops

Anne Rogers is an experienced Succession Planning facilitator and keynote speaker, available for
conferences, events and workshops.

Don’t wait any longer to get  started!

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