Anne Rogers

Principal of The Chesapeake Consultancy

Hello there, I’m Anne.
After decades of running my own successful business, I exited smoothly: let me help you do the same. 

About Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers established the Wings Away Travel agency in 1985.

Her passions for innovation and marketing, in all its forms, saw the agency become a well respected and awarded industry leader and a founding member of both Magellan and Cruiseco – both of which offered suitably innovative and complementary business models. The agency was also among a very small group of initial members when Virtuoso came to Australia in 2004.

In 2017 Anne sold Wings Away but still remains engaged in the travel industry with specific interests in mentoring and advisory roles, focusing on a new passion – business succession.

Throughout her career Anne has consistently sought wider industry knowledge and involvement, both within Australia and internationally, and has held numerous board and committee positions as a result, including a 3-year tenure on the AFTA Victoria Board as Chairman from 1994 to 1997.

Anne enjoys a strong personal brand having delivered numerous conference keynote addresses and participated in many panel discussions. She is sought after as a mentor and expert adviser, and is a member of the judging panel for the National Travel Industry Awards.

My Key Tips

You need to continually "have the conversation"

Even if its only with yourself, in order to keep succession/business exit top of mind.

Be open to all options

There are many ways to exit a business – some of them less obvious than others.

Everyone needs a a mentor

Don’t be afraid to seek advice.
Find someone who has walked in your shoes.
Find someone with the complete story to tell.

Don't let a fork in the road or a road-block halt your progress

A great Progress Coach will have the road cleared, and you back on track in no time.

Sometimes all you need is someone in your corner

Someone who has walked in your shoes, to encourage, inspire, and coach you through.

My Approach

I am a confident Succession Planner and Progress Coach with valuable first-hand experience.

I’m always available to work with you to clear the path ahead after a “fork in the road” or “road block” halts your business progress and I will help you navigate the complexities of creating and implementing a successful Succession Plan. 

Don’t wait any longer to get  started!

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