Working with you towards a successful exit from your business

It’s always the right time for Succession Planning.

Succession planning is a vital and valuable investment for your business, and your personal future.
Planning your exit ensures a smooth transition with the least disruption to your business operations, and your own well-being.
A good succession plan from The Chesapeake Consultancy addresses the challenges that may arise and sets strategies to counter them.

What Is Succession Planning?

Do you know what is required to leave your business?

Succession Planning allows you to define, identify, assess and develop all your business resources.

Who will lead your business?

Succession planning identifies and develops new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave or retire.

Are you prepared?

Succession planning is becoming an increasingly critical issue with recent studies showing that more that 50% of businesses do not have a formal plan.

How do I know if I need a Progress Coach?

Business success depends upon always moving forward, however slowly.

But what about the things which stop us in our tracks? From small, single issue crises, to large situations and long term projects. What can’t you get past right now? What is stopping you from moving forward?

A good progress coach is your GPS to get you to the precise spot you aim to be.

Are you struggling to progress an idea, or a project?

Do you have a plan?

You need someone “in your corner” who has walked in your shoes, who will encourage, inspire, coach and guide you.

Don’t wait any longer to get  started!

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