Succcess stories


I am fortunate to have known Anne for over 20 years, and whilst we are in different states, our paths have often crossed with buying groups / conferences/ AFTA events etc.

I have listened to Anne over the years on different industry panels, particularly in our cruise consortium, and have always appreciated her honesty and wiseness “in telling it how it is!!”

Most recently, Anne has been an incredible support to me, as I approached her for some coaching and mentoring, after purchasing the business I have worked in for many years.

It is such a relief to have someone I can call on, who knows exactly the obstacles and hurdles we are met with almost daily, and has experienced both the joys and pains of running a small business and the frustrations that come with it in our industry.

Anne has been a huge benefit to my business and personally, I am pleased to have Anne in my corner and can highly recommend her services!

It is one thing to have a business coach, with great ideals and aspirations, but in most cases, they really don’t understand the unique business that owning and operating a retail travel agency!! 

With Anne’s in depth experience, and great knowledge of the industry, plus most importantly still being a part of it, so much time has been saved by not having to explain how things operate

and the nuisances that we are constantly up against.  Anne just gets it and can talk out a plan of attack in achieving the end goal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Anne!

Your knowledge and wisdom is really something special – every time we met I walked away feel exhilarated and excited about my business and potential opportunities.

You always kept me level headed and made me realise there’s always a solution to every problem. From this I was able to focus on the positives and not be drawn by the negatives.

As it turned out, I ran a very successful group tour. The group bonded so well we are now planning their third trip away together.

Catching up with you often feels like catching up with a good old friend, someone you don’t have to see or talk to everyday but you’re there if I need you!

Don’t wait any longer to get started!

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